KIRPY 4WD self-propelled

The trailed Kirpy becomes a self-propelled machine by fitting it to the Braud SB/VL implement carrier system from New Holland. These are used worldwide in the grape harvest.

Reduce harvesting costs. Stay flexible.

Various upgrades to the basic machine significantly expand the utilization window:

  • Additional hydraulic pump circuit with 5-fold pump
  • Additional oil tank with separate, large oil cooling system
  • 3-point linkage at the front
  • 3-point pick-up at the rear
  • Foil wrapping / mini tunnel laying and spraying

At the same time, the full functionality of the grape harvester is maintained.

Perfectly applicable also for heavy soils.

Kiryp reliably masters sloping sites and heavy soils.

Additional harvest time at night.

New selling point to the neighbor – fresher moonshine asparagus.

Short turning circle

1 short turning circle

2 short turning circle

3 short turning circle


Asparagus harvesting is carried out according to the same principle as the pulled variety.

The special feature of the implement carrier with integrated Kirpy is the compact, shorter overall length of the machine and the additional multiple use. The asparagus harvester can be hooked into or unhooked from the implement carrier frame within a short time and has a very small turning circle.

Technical data


  • Dimensions: total length up to 11m Kirpy + equipment carrier
  • Weight: approx. 8 to
  • Drive: 6-cylinder diesel (depending on the version and manufacturer of the implement carrier)
  • Harvesting speed: 0.5 – 1.8 km/h (first pass)*
  • 1,5 – 5,0 km/h (from the second pass)*
  • Harvesting costs: approx. 15-35 cents/kg*.
  • Soil types: can be used without problems up to over 90 soil points.
  • With high stone content, increased wear on the chain must be taken into account.
  • Harvest intervals: approx. 6 – 12 days (depending on variety and weather)
  • Row width: from 1.80m
  • Personnel: 4- 7 persons on the harvesting platform, 1 driver for the equipment carrier


  • Comfortable driver’s cab
  • All-wheel drive via hydrostat
  • 3-point pick-up at the front (e.g. for the aiOctopus film guide)
  • Additional oil tank (160l) with oil cooler for increased hydraulic performance
  • 5-fold oil pump (75l/50l/15l/15l*min-1) for driving the Kirpy hydraulic motors (can also be used for driving other attachments).
  • 3-point linkage at the rear


  • Foil guide, hydraulically foldable
  • Monitoring cameras on 3 LCD screens for harvesting functions
  • Overloading conveyor for rear attachment
  • Cutting disc grinding device
  • Further equipment according to manufacturer’s specifications for the implement carrier depending on type and manufacturer